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The Mountaineer Kennel Club offers agility classes for both the family dog and for agility competition. Our methods are based on motivational learning theory and emphasize relationship between the dog and his handler.

Dogs must be at least 5 months of age and past all critical growth periods and not aggressive to dogs or humans.  Dogs must demonstrate proficiency in basic obedience skills including sit, stay, down, come and walking on a loose lead.

Handlers must demonstrate they have control of their dog in the presence of extreme distraction.  Final approval is up to the discretion of the class instructor. 
Any dogs who do not meet these prerequisites and any handlers who are abusive to their dogs may be asked to leave class without refund. 

Proof of vaccination is required for all dogs enrolled in class.

Classes meet once a week for a total of six weeks. Classes are typically held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings between 6:00 and 9:00 PM. Please note not all classes are offered every session. The cost is $95.00 per dog.

As class schedules become available, view the classes, dates, and times by clicking on "Current Class Schedule".

To enroll, select "Download Forms" from the menu options on the left side of the screen. After printing and completing these forms, please return them via US Mail to the address listed on the forms. Contact our Agility Coordinator if you have any questions. 


ABCs of Agility

This class will focus on the fundamental of agility using games that will utilize targeting, wobble boards, attention and basic obedience skills. All jumping exercises and contact obstacles will be at low heights. This class is for dogs aged 5 months and older. Class size limited to 8 teams. This class may be repeated

Agility Foundations

Description: This class focuses on basic agility obedience skills. Teams will develop the foundation skills of sit, stay, down, heeling, recalls, targeting and touch using a variety of positive training techniques including a clicker. Teams will also begin learning the foundation skills of jump training. This class is a prerequisite for all agility classes except for dogs that have earned a Companion Dog (CD) Obedience title or Rally Advance (RA) title. Class size is limited to 8 teams. This class may be repeated.

Obstacle Skills

Description: This class will focus on basic agility obstacle foundation skills. Teams will be introduced to obstacles at low levels. Introduction to contact behaviors, weave poles, tunnels and basic jumping will be in instructed. The importance of balanced obstacle and handler focus will also be covered. It is important that all dogs entering Obstacle Skills understand sit, down, stay, recall and have leash manners. Class size is limited to 8 teams. This class may be repeated.

Refining Obstacle Skills

Refining Obstacle Skills will build on the skills taught in the Obstacle Skills class. Teams will work towards more off lead work and higher contact obstacles. Basic handling skills will be introduced with each obstacle. It is important that all dogs entering Refining Obstacle Skills can engage all contacts at low heights, navigate at least 3 weave poles and the team is working on a preferred contact behavior. Class size is limited to 8 dog/handler teams. This class may be repeated.

Handling I

This class is geared to handlers who may want to compete in Agility. Further instruction and proofing of handling skills and refinement of obstacle skills be emphasized. Understanding of course analysis and familiarization with the rules that govern AKC trials will be discussed. It is important that all dogs entering Handling I understand a lead out, a contact behavior on full height equipment, a sequence of 4 obstacles and complete 6 weave poles.

Handling II

Teams will work on advanced skills for jumping: 180s, 270s, serpentines, threadles. Advanced jump and obstacle sequences and distance exercises will be instructed. Course analysis strategies will be discussed. This class is offered to dogs who are currently competing at least at the Open level.

Weaves and Contacts

This class is designed to teach the dogs weave poles using Susan Garrett's 2x2 Weave Pole method. With this method, dogs will learn independently how to find the correct entry of the poles, regardless of your position, with successful completion. Along with weave poles, this class will also focus on breaking down and any contact performance issues. This class is limited to only 4 teams and may be repeated.


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