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Nose work classes were started in 2006 in California. The sport is based on canine detection training employed in narcotics and bomb detection work. Pet dogs are taught to identify and alert on essential oils - birch, clove, and anise. Many of the same training techniques used for the narcotics and bomb work are used to train the pet dog's nose, for fun and sport! If your dog loves food and/or toys, this is a sport for him!

All dogs have both a hunt drive and unbelievable scenting abilities. This is a sport for all dogs - large and small, young and old, all breeds and mixed breeds, and handlers of all ages and abilities! These classes are a wonderful way to increase your dog's confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy.

Nose work is a great way to let your dog be a dog and excel in an activity that he is naturally good at (sniffing, hunting, and exploring). At the same time you will learn more about your companion's behavior and body language and admire his scenting skills. You and your dog will build a strong relationship built on mutual trust and communication, by enjoying a fun and "no pressure" activity together.

At this time, MKC is not offering Nosework classes. Contact our Webmaster if you have any questions.

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